Your Supplement for Sales Vitality by Kelly Slater


I met with a client yesterday who told me that one of my competitors was in last week, and spent the entire meeting talking about the shortcomings of all of his competitors.

I work in media sales in a small market, and compete against approximately fifty other media sales people throughout television, radio, print, yellow pages and cable. Fifty! In such a highly competitive arena, if you are lucky enough to get an appointment to meet with a client, you better be smart enough to know how to conduct that meeting. Spending that time telling the client what they are doing or thinking is wrong will not get you very far.

I know that we all report back to sales managers who are under the gun to meet numbers. They report to general managers who report up the line as well. But if we as sellers start getting aggressive and negative in our sales calls the clients will be turned off. After all, they have many choices (49 others here).

Instead of using the old school tactics, try this: Ask your client what he or she is trying to accomplish. Remember, some of these folks have worked with the “old dogs” for a long time so they will use catch phrases of days gone by. In media, such phrases might include “reach” and “ total household penetration”, “Where are you in the ratings?” Blah blah blah.

BE DIFFERENT. Drill down and ask what YOU can do to help? Get a specific assignment and create a plan that will reach that goal. BE DIFFERENT. Check in often and get updates on the status of the campaign, ask how it is working. BE DIFFERENT. Offer measurable results. BE DIFFERENT.

Would love to hear how YOU are DIFFERENT, please share.

Now, go sell something!


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  1. Someone who has such negativity will not last long in this business. Imagine what the client thought after the rep left. HUM.. Wonder what he says about my business .


  2. Kelly… I couldn’t agree more. For a variety of reasons, the conversation with a client or potential client needs to be ABOUT the client. You correctly point out that we shouldn’t be bad mouthing our competition in a sales call. Totally agree. In addition, I recently recorded a podcast that speaks to a similar issue, with a different manifestation. Check it out here:

    Nice job!

  3. Once again you have hit the mark Kelly! Really caring about the client’s business growth and showing how your knowledge and marketing tools can help, will go so much further than saying, we are # 1. Client’s don’t care!! Nor do they want to hear from a mere sales rep that their previous marketing decisions are wrong…it is a turn off and a great way to pave the road to “no business for you!” Thank you for the great insight, I share every Sales Vitamin with my team.


    • Thanks Stacey! I hope that your Team finds “The Vitamin” helpful. The more folks we have on the street selling the right way, the better off the media industry will be!

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