Your Supplement for Sales Vitality by Kelly Slater

Ten a Day

Today it is WAY too easy to get stuck at your desk in front of the computer.  One may think that it makes the job of selling much easier:  Just shoot a quick e-mail to a client to “check in,” or leave a voicemail telling a client about special pricing that you are offering right now… At this rate you can call on 50 clients by noon!

But are you really making calls?  When I first started selling media back in the early 90’s the rule of thumb was:  Make 10 calls a day.  FACE to FACE calls.  Walk into a business and speak to a decision maker.

Ten per day.

We as sellers have to get back to seeing ten people per day.  Start your day with 30 to 45 minutes of email contact.  Then hit the road!  Get out and SEE your clients. Let them SEE YOU. Propsect by walking in and introducing yourself.  Look around you and take note of new businesses, new construction, changes in storefronts.  All of these things are indications of opportunities, and you won’t see any of them while sitting in your chair in front of your computer.

Many people have Blackberries or other such devices that allow them to stay plugged in to their e-mail while out of the office.  If you do not, check back at midday and again, allow yourself only 30 to 45 minutes online.   Then GET BACK OUT THERE!   Once you have SEEN ten people, head back to the office and take care of paperwork, administrative tasks, submit your orders, return calls and emails.

If you can get into a routine like this, your sales will increase.  I guarantee it.  You just have to make the calls.  FACE TO FACE CALLS.

Please share your comments and experiences.

Now, go sell something!


Comments on: "Ten a Day" (2)

  1. Bob Dow said:

    Would you allow an old man to make ony 7 or 8 face-to-face calls a day?
    As usual, Kelly, you’ve hit the nail on the head… thse modern tools we have now DO NOT replace plain old shoe leather!
    How ya’ doin’, anyway?
    Still miss your uplifting attitude!

  2. I concur with Papa Dow! 10 calls a day is the perfect number…it only takes 9 no’s to get a yes; pLus it’ll help you sell something everyday, no matter how small or big the sale is.

    Like Bob, I too miss your uplifting personality!

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