Your Supplement for Sales Vitality by Kelly Slater

Why did YOU get into media sales?  Looked like a lot of FUN?  Seemed like an EASY gig?  Did you think you could make a TON of MONEY?

You’ve got two out of three!  Working in media sales IS a lot of FUN.  You get to work in “show business” be it radio sales, broadcast television or cable television.  You CAN make a LOT OF MONEY, IF you WORK HARD.

This is not an easy gig.  There is a great deal of competition for your clients’ money, not only from other media outlets, but from other sources, such as their payroll, insurances, and other business expenses.

As media sales people we have to WORK HARD to show the business owner the VALUE of advertising.  We have to WORK HARD to earn their trust – to earn their business.

So if you guessed “all of the above” to my initial question, enjoy your time in media sales while it lasts.  Because if you aren’t working hard, you won’t be working in media sales long.

Now, go sell something!


Comments on: "Sixty Second Sales Meeting > Work hard" (2)

  1. Monda Placey said:

    Well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad… And once again Kelly is right it used to be just other media people we were in competion with now it is everyday bills and as she said making payroll. I always find your sales vitamins informative. As always you are thinking of everyone in the industry and the sales vitamin makes it a bit easier for those of us on the streets. Thanks for sharing your ideas, and keeping us going.

  2. Once again Kelly, you have hit the nail RIGHT on the head. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!!!!


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