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FREQUENCY.  I learned a phrase early in my media career that has made THE
difference between success and failure among the clients that I work with.

REPETITION BUILDS REPUTATION.  I heard media sales guru, Dave Gifford, use this phrase and it became the basis for every proposal I have put together ever since.

REPETITION BUILDS REPUTATION.  When you are constructing a media schedule — be it radio, television (broadcast OR cable), internet, even print — it is REPETITION that plays an important part in the success of your schedule.

REETITION BUILDS REPUTATION.  How did YOU learn your ABC’s?  Your Times Table?  You said them over and over and over again.

A successful media schedule (and by “successful” I mean a schedule that has been created with a specific goal in mind and a specific deadline to reach that goal) depends on two things.  One is the message (we’ll get to that in another post) and the other is the schedule.  A schedule that has frequency WILL make the difference.

So what is a good frequency?  There are many ways to achieve FREQUENCY.  When you are limited by budget, use a VERTICAL SCHEDULE.  Choose one day a week and schedule your messages so that the client OWNS THAT DAY.  For
instance, if your client can only afford, say, ten commercials per week, rather than scheduling two commercials per day over five days, create more FREQUENCY by scheduling all ten commercials between 6am-7pm on ONE day.  Put that schedule in place for at least thirteen weeks with a strong message, and it will deliver better results.

When you are lucky enough to have a robust budget, then go for it!  Schedule five to seven message every day – 365 days a year.  Set goals with your client quarterly.  This kind of schedule will require some work on your part.  You will need to keep the message fresh.  You will need to keep the messages on track to meet the goals that you set. You will need to check in
with the client to keep on track.  Just the other day while working with a prospective client, they told me that they hadn’t seen their radio rep in months!  I know that this client has been on that radio station for a number of years (over 10) and has invested a great deal of money over the years.  But the market has changed and their competition has become more aggressive and it’s time for this business to take a close look at their advertising investments.

On a side note, if you have “Annual Clients” on the air, ask yourself when was the last time you spoke with them?  When was the last time you changed their copy?

No matter where your medium stands in the ratings, number 1 or number 7, FREQUENCY is the key to building your clients’ reputations.

Now, go sell something!


So You Had a Bad Day

Did you lose a sale to your competitor?  Did your computer crash?  Kids spill breakfast all over your 9am presentation that you worked 3 days on?  Did you get shorted in your commission check and were told you have to wait till next month’s commission check for the difference?

Yeah, that’s a bad day.  So now what? Do you say screw it, grab your golf clubs and hit the links for the day?  Do you go home, put on your comfy clothes and settle in for a Sex in the City marathon complete with a bag of chips and a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke?

You could. But then THEY WIN!  Regardless of who it was that catapulted your day into the crapper, if you let it affect you THEY WIN.

As a sales person you are all alone in this world.  Whatever it is that you are selling is your little franchise.   Let’s face it; to MOST (and I will qualify this by saying MOST, not ALL) managers do not care personally about the sellers.  We are machines that plow the fields, sow the seeds and harvest the crops for which managers are paid for.

I have HEARD it come from a number of managers mouths, “ Where are they gonna go?  No where, move the accounts, cut the commission, if they go, there are ten more lining up outside to take their place.”  I kid you not; I heard these words from the mouth of an RVP for a major U.S. company.

So here is what I suggest, go see your favorite client. DO N OT VENT to this client about your day.  Go see them and check in on the work that you do for them. You will see that what you do has worth and does matter. It matters very much to Mr. Favorite Client.  His business is growing – he saving money – he has cut expenses because of YOU and the product or service that YOU provide.

Next go MAKE A COLD CALL.  Now that you have reaffirmed what you do, you have the confidence to do anything!  You are standing on top of the world, because YOU ARE GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO!

This will get your day back on track.  You will be back in the groove and your instincts will take you to the next call and the next and the next.

Once your day is over, go home, hug your kids – kiss your spouse – cuddle with the dog or cat and know that YOU are in control of your destiny.  YOU ARE A SELLER.  YOU are a unique individual that does something most people would never dream of doing.

Please use this forum to share, vent and advise.  We gotta stick together folks!

Now, go sell something!