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Do Dinosaurs Still Walk The Earth?

I HOPE SO! What ever happened to the salespeople who asked questions about your business? Who sold solutions to the clients’ problems and challenges? Who LISTENED more than they TALKED?

I KNOW there are a few of us “dinosaurs” still out there. I KNOW there are people who get in their car every day and head out to solve problems and grow businesses by utilizing the products and services they represent. I KNOW IT! My fear is that there are too few.

If you take the time to read a blog like this and others, than you must be serious about your career in sales.

If that’s the case, then PLEASE don’t be one of those salespeople that takes a “one sheet” to a client as a proposal. You know the ones: They have the cute little clip art on the top then the bullet points of what the deal is – the price and a place for the business to sign. There are salespeople who stand at the copier for 20 minutes before they head out in the morning and take these things all over town!

Don’t do it! Make an appointment. Prepare for the appointment. Dress for the appointment. Listen. Take notes. Then, go back to your desk, consider everything you have just learned and put together a SOLUTION BASED PROPOSAL.

You will stand out as someone who is professional and has something of value to offer. You will be more successful. Your closing ratio will increase. YOU WILL BE A DINOSAUR! Join us, won’t you?

Now, go sell something!