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The New Meaning of Value in the New Economy

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In my previous post I made a big deal about VALUE.   What does it mean?  The word VALUE can mean any number of things to the person that you are selling to.

You need to establish what the customer considers value to be.  Once you know this you can proceed to sell your product or service successfully to them.

I work in the media industry.  In my world many sellers will stick their noses in the air and profess that their station is the number one rated station in the market and therefore has more value than the others ( i.e. more expensive).  But if the client can’t afford the proper frequency of commercials for a campaign to be a success on that station, the value is not there.  There is more value to this customer in using a lower rated station (i.e. less expensive) and use the proper frequency to get results.

Let’s talk cellular phone plans.  A plan that includes 1500 minutes and unlimited text messaging for $99 may be a great value – if you require 1500 minutes and are an avid texter.  However, Nana Joan, who is on a fixed income with a bit of arthritis, probably will not find the value in the unlimited texting.

As you talk with your clients and prospects today, no matter what you sell, ask them questions that will help you to determine what they find valuable. There is no magic list of questions that you should use.  Have a real conversation with your client.  Make it engaging and the questions will come to you naturally.
Then ask yourself how your products or services can meet their expectations.  And sell that to the client.

Ask not what value means to you (or your manager), ask what value means to your customer.

Please post your comments, criticisms, sarcastic remarks.

Now go sell something!



There are numerous blogs and newsletters out there that give advice on how to sell in “this challenging – this tough economy” and many of them STINK!    It’s the same old rhetoric that is not going to move any of us ahead.  “You have to establish THE VALUE of our product over our competitors, once the client sees THE VALUE…”  sure sure sure- BLAH BLAH BLAH!

The bottom line is that this is a NEW ECOMONY.  We have to start coming up with NEW WAYS TO SELL.  It will be a long time before we as a society goes back to the spending frenzies that got us to this point in the first place- if ever.  Businesses have to buy products and services by priority.  They have to shop for the best VALUE and right now to many folks that translates into THE BEST PRICE.

TELLING people that you are an expert in your field regarding your product is not enough.  Using the same old tired comebacks for objections: “Well, you take your car to a mechanic… You go to the doctor when you are sick…” will NOT cut it in this NEW ECONOMY.   You will need to LISTEN and HEAR what your client is saying – what they NEED.  NEW IDEAS will make the sale for you.  And NEW IDEAS will take time and effort on your part.  Can you do it?  Can you reach deep into the pockets of your mind and come up with ideas that will help your clients grow their business by utilizing your products and or services?

This blog is an invitation for anyone who is willing to do the work it will take to survive and thrive in sales in this NEW ECONOMY to share your successes, your disappointments, and your ideas.

I choose not to stand still – and I welcome you to join me.